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The Rán Collection

The mythical Rán was said to pull shipwrecked men towards her, tend to them and give them new life. She hosts the souls as they feast and sing in her hall for centuries. She reminds us of the eternal natural cycle, which can both give and take.

As the goddess of the sea, Rán’s favourite colour is gold, which she finds in the countless sunken pirate ships on the seabed. This, in turn, has inspired the use of gold in the Rán collection, which is crafted in our Reykjavik workshop from yellow gold-plated sterling silver.

The Rán Ear Crawler

The Rán ear crawler stands out for its unique appearance and construction.

AURUM Icelandic Jewelry | Rán Ear Crawler


Designer's Commentary

"Ever since its launch, the ear crawler has consistently been one of our customers' favourite pieces."

"Rán has a light movement like she is swimming away in the sea. Rán reminds us of the sea goddess and the earring has a natural flow that crawls up the ear."

"Rán is sparkling, likes the sea and likes to surprise. Her forms come to life on the body."

FAQs About the Rán Ear Crawler

How do I know it will fit my ear shape?
The earring is not fragile and can be adjusted by stretching it out a bit.

Can it be worn on either ear?
The image on the website is for the left ear but we have made also a right one, just that we don't have a photo of it on the website. If you would like a right one, let us know by email.

Should I choose the left or right version?
One of the main things to consider is which side you use to talk on your phone, as it might get in the way :)

ran ear crawler in box

ran ear crawler in-store try-on

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