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The Nanook “icicle” necklace

nanook ice necklace

Some comments about the Nanook Ice necklace from our designer, Guðbjörg:

“Our Nanook Ice collection revolves around the theme of polar bears and the shapes that form when ice is crushed beneath their powerful paws as they explore the landscape. Although polar bears are not native to Iceland, we get a few ‘visitors’ each year who drift in from Greenland.”

"This necklace has a nice movement to it that makes it sparkle differently from different angles, and it is light and comfortable to wear. The hand finished, patterned silver has fragile lines that reveal the tension in the ice."

“What also makes it different is that the individual sterling silver ‘icicles’ are hand selected and attached independently to the chain, so they move along with the wearer. Each piece is unique.”

AURUM Nanook Ice Necklace - Oxidized Silver


“While it’s not technically challenging, the keys to this design from a jewellery maker’s perspective are to apply an artistic sense while selecting the lengths of each icicle to create a balanced overall appearance, and then finishing with hand oxidization (for the oxidized silver version). End to end, it takes about an hour to make each one. Our jewellery makers really enjoy creating this design.”

Aurum - Nanook Ice necklace being finished in our workshop

Aurum - video from workshop showing Nanook Ice necklace being made

Styling inspiration

The Nanook icicle necklace is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. In fact, it's featured in one of our bridal jewellery photoshoots.

(pictured above - Nanook Ice earrings, Nanook Ice necklace, Nanook hair piece.
Nanook hair piece is not available online - please
email us at if you're interested in this item.)

(yes, that's Sóley (left) and Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir (right)
rocking the Nanook Ice necklace, Tuttu necklace, and Asterias earrings
during their Japanese tour. Tuttu necklace is not available online
- please email us at if you're interested in this item.)

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Create your own

While we present the Nanook Ice necklace in either the shiny silver or oxidized silver finishes in our webshop, we can accommodate your individual requests if you'd like to customize the design, such as with an 18k gold-plated finish. Our staff in Reykjavík are ready to help you put together an overall look for your special occasion as well, mixing from our different collections and/or creating something completely unique for you. Feel free to make use of our new virtual appointment service where you'll be able to speak face-to-face with our staff.
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Customer reviews of Nanook

“I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful stunning selection of quality jewellery. I have bought a few pieces over the last week and they will enhance my jewellery collection massively! It is a dream of mine one day to visit your beautiful country so for now to own a little part of what makes Iceland so alluring and enchanting makes me very happy. I love the fold design which captures the timeless antiquity of nature and how She cossets and protects herself. I love too the backstory behind the Nanook ring and hope that the beautiful polar bear species will thrive again once more. I love how each and every one of your creations has a story and meaning to them and this is what makes them extra special and meaningful to wear. My latest (and probably last for a while) purchase is one of your ladies wedding rings. It's so beautiful and unique just like Iceland! It's great too that ethics and sustainability are at the heart of what you do and that means a lot to me as this beautiful world of ours needs protecting. Wishing you a wonderful day from the UK. Personally I think you are the best jeweller in Reykjavik!!!
Kind wishes,”
JV 🌟🌻🌟


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