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Fashion editors and influencers from around the world have discovered Aurum's unique jewelry designs.

Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow) London, England

inthefrow x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry 

This beautiful necklace is from an Icelandic brand called Aurum. I just love silver jewellery. This is just so me: it's simple, it's delicate and it's elegant. And it's also a really great length. It's by far my favourite necklace.

day in my dreams (@dayinmydreams) New York, USA

Day in my Dreams Kristina Petrick x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

The design is so delicate. Gracefully forming some of the most unique designs I’ve seen. This featured sterling silver Swan ring had me dreaming from the start, and it’s hardly come off my finger since it’s arrived. The designer is clearly inspired, with an entire collection that reminds you of some ancient beauty or forgotten magic.

Johanne Landbo (@johannelandbo) Aarhus, Denmark

Johanne Landbo x Aurum Jewelry Iceland

Ebony Anderberg (@ebonyanderberg) Malmö, Sweden

ebony anderberg x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

Johanne Landbo (@johannelandbo) Alicante, Spain

johanne landbo bw x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

Brynja Jonbjarnardottir (@brynjajon) Reykjavík, Iceland

Brynja Jonbjarnardottir x Aurum Jewelry Iceland

Victoria Plum (@victoriaplum_official) Los Angeles, California

victoria plum x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

Elise Sandblom (@elisesandblom) Stockholm, Sweden

elise sandblom sweden x aurum icelandic jewelry

Sofia Jin (@sofiajin_) Singapore

Sofia Jin x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry
Love this! Love the ocean so the wave design really appeals to me. I love Iceland and I am keen to support anything that advertises the beauty of nature and is eco-friendly.

Kingdom of Style (@kingdomofstylemichelle) Glasgow, Scotland

Kingdom of Style x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

Looking through the shop I was struck but the array of bird-related collections. Feathers are my favourite motif for jewellery so it was little wonder then I would choose something from one of those.

Being a dancer my first thought was to choose something from her Swan collection but I ended up falling in love with a bangle from the Falcon collection. It's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Every detail is considered, right down to the packaging which has the appearance of a lava rock. Guðbjörg has beautifully captured the essence of the Icelandic landscape and the rugged wilderness that surrounds her in her work. The piece I received feels pleasingly organic with its imperfect edges and oxidised silver.

Aiko Cunanan (@aikocunanan) Los Angeles, California

There are two types of people in the world: Those who love silver, and those who love gold. For as long as I could remember, I’ve always loved silver. Maybe because silver stands out more against my tan complexion.

I am such a jewelry addict and my favorite type of jewelry are ones that you can’t quite get anywhere else. This raven necklace and earrings are from a store called Aurum based in Iceland. Not only are their selection of hand crafted jewelry made of sterling silver, but they are so dainty and unique. Without a simple necklace or earrings my outfits always feel so incomplete! I usually go for shorter necklaces since they are versatile and can easily be stacked with other pieces. I guess you can say I’ve got a dainty jewelry obsession! :)

Larissa Dening (@larissadening) Brisbane, Australia

Larissa Dening x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

These balmy summery days have got me feeling excited that it's beach season again! Wearing my fave piece of Icelandic jewellery - the Raven necklace from @aurumjewellery ֹ

Rocaille Writes (@rocaillewrites) New York, NY

Rocaille Writes NYC x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

I wanted to share with you the necklace I've been wearing non stop for the past few months. It's my souvenir from our trip to Iceland in June and it's from a local jewelry designer, Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdótir. Her store, Aurum by Gudbjorg, has several lines of jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings) inspired by Icelandic flora and fauna, but I picked out this dainty sterling silver wings necklace styled after swans' feathers (and indeed we saw lots of swans on our roadtrip).

The necklace obviously holds a special memory for me, but in general I was very impressed with this store's designs and I'd recommend having a look on their website if you love unique, high quality, hand crafted jewelry (they offer free worldwide shipping). Also, have you ever seen a more fitting packaging design? This 'volcanic pebble' box is made out of papier-mache.

Taryne Renee (@tarynerenee) Los Angeles, California

Taryne Renee vlog x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

We found a cute little spot... Aurum Jewelry... check them out!!!

Floortje van Cooten (@floortjeloves) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Floortje Loves x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

You know how much I love jewelry and I am always in search to find that special something you won’t see somewhere else. That’s the reason why I am more than excited to share this new brand with you called Aurum.

Since my name actually means ‘Princess of Flowers’ I couldn’t be more happy to add their Ísold bracelet to my collection. It is such a beautiful piece. Luckily enough I got to ask the designer Gudbjorg some personal questions about her inspiration and favorite items. Hope you like it!

Yin (@kacozi) Hong Kong, China

kacozi x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

I received a leaf from Iceland, which is always fresh and never withers.

This fantastic necklace called Falcon was designed by @aurumjewellery, which comes from my favourite place all around the world, Iceland. The necklace and other pieces of jewellery from Aurum are inspired by Icelandic nature, and all of them are made by hand.

Crystal Phuong (@crystalphuong) Singapore

Crystal Phuong Singapore x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

Speaking of jewellery, I have started leaning toward yellow gold accessories as I get older, but somehow, the greyish white metal jewelry always evokes the coolness and toughness in me and I kind of love it. The Brynja necklace that I just received from Aurum is the type of silver jewellery that I'm talking about. It added some edginess and bold factors to my entire look and it happened to be the first silver necklace that I've owned. Even without my beaded skirt or butterfly heels, this 925 silver necklace is already a statement piece on its own.

Petra Schuster (@petra_next_door) Vienna, Austria

Petra Next Door x Aurum Icelandic Jewelry

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