May 19, 2021 2 min read

The story of Asterias. Black terrain. Rhythmical waves.

Everlasting cycle of the water that has no beginning and no end.

From the dark volcanic beaches of the West Fjords comes the story of Asterias. The language between the ocean, the starfish and the beach is translated into Guðbjörg‘s latest jewellery collection.

Launched at DesignMarch 2017 in Iceland, the Asterias Collection has received great compliments for its intricate and unusual texture and workmanship. DesignMarch is Iceland‘s most important annual design festival. The festival showcases the best of the Icelandic design scene.

Our designer, Guðbjörg, discusses the inspiration for her latest collection:

"Even though I visit the West Fjords frequently, it is never the same each time I go. I am drawn to different elements of the surrounding nature and experience the place differently. I spent a year developing Asterias, in some aspects it is still evolving and it is always interesting to see how it changes over the development phase."

Westfjords Iceland black terrain
What is the main inspiration behind Asterias?
"Asterias is inspired by the starfish and its surroundings, the ocean and the dark coarse beaches. As I was thinking about Loren C. Eiseley‘s story, ‘The Star Thrower’, I then thought about the life of the starfish and the life in the ocean itself. How the water is an endless cycle and how the starfish in Loren‘s story get saved one by one, thrown from the beach and into the water again."

Asterias Collection statement necklace

What is your favourite piece in the Asterias Collection?
"My personal favorite is the large round pendant necklace, it perfectly combines the texture of the starfish and the beach whilst also showing the circular movement of the ocean and the waves."

Asterias large pendant necklace


asterias oxidized silver set

asterias silver bracelet

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