May 19, 2021 2 min read

Our newest range of unique solid gold wedding rings includes over 20 ring styles from our most popular collections: SWAN, TUTTU, ERIKA, CYGNUS, KOLGA and RÁN.

The collection features matching styles of men's and women's gold rings which can be worn as delicate jewellery pieces as well as wedding rings.

aurum - wedding rings new release

Our chief designer Guðbjörg comments: "Iceland has been a popular wedding destination for some time and naturally we've had many requests for bespoke wedding jewellery over the years. Our customers are looking for something distinctive, especially since these are pieces they will be wearing every day. With this new range of ready-to-wear solid gold rings, we've built on some of our most popular collections and imagine that they would have appeal even beyond those looking to commemorate a specific occasion."

As you've come to expect from Aurum, these are not your typical wedding rings. Taking design cues from our most popular collections based on Icelandic nature, the new wedding rings all offer a twist on the traditional wedding band look, whether it's a sense of movement, textured surfaces, or hand filigree.

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Eco-Friendly wedding rings

In keeping with our sustainability principles, we choose to work only with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. They offer excellent value. Moreover, they are an environmentally friendlier choice given that no mining is required.

We use recycled gold in all of our rings.

Customizable wedding rings

Precious metals: Our ready-to-wear range comes standard in 14-karat gold, either in yellow or white finishes. You can custom order all rings in 18-karat gold or substitute other precious metals.

Diamonds and gemstones: You can also order different sizes of lab-grown diamonds for your diamond rings. You can add diamonds to any of the wedding rings as well.

Sizes: Our standard ring sizes range from 46 - 66 (ISO standards, referring to the inner circumference in millimetres). As we make everything in our own workshop, we can accommodate virtually any ring size.

Not only rings

Our new range of wedding rings expands on our existing statement pieces which are suitable for weddings or other special occasions. We are happy to work with you to co-create fully bespoke pieces as well.

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