SWAN ring

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The Swan collection is an idea born in one of these vacations. Guðbjörg watched these majestic birds and admired the contradictions in them; the gentleness of their shape and figure and yet their protective and at times violent behaviour. Feminine softness and masculine strength meet in the swan and that is what Guðbjörg wants to bring out in Svanur the jewellery collection that can both be worn by women and men.


Having your jewelry engraved adds a special touch to it and is the perfect way of finishing off your special item. 

Our engraving is free of charge to our customers. The engraving wanted can be written in the textbox above. If you have any questions regarding symbols please contact us to make sure they will be engraved correctly. 

Size: w = 0.6 cm.
Material: 925 silver.

Code: SWAN 405