FORGET-ME-NOT necklace

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The Forget-Me-Not jewelry collection is designed in collaboration with the Forget-Me-Not support fund, which aims to help parents who have lost children during pregnancy, at birth, or shortly after birth.

The collection reflects the symbolic meaning of the flower to protect and nurture the memory. Its form, which reveals both strength and mystique, is highlighted. The leaves, with their shapely beauty, create a firm cradle around the blue crystal stone, which may be seen as a promise of a life that never was. At the same time it underscores the importance of that which actually was and that which might have been. The clear blue colour is symbolic of the loneliness that accompanies the loss, whereas the crystal itself is thought to evoke both strength and balance, making those who carry it better able to embrace life and face the challenges that lie ahead. Forget-me-not is a piece of jewellery designed in memory of all those children who have a life in the hearts of the ones who love them but who were not permitted to live a life of their own.

Can be engraved with personal message. Provide your info to be engraved in the boxes above. 

Material: 925 silver 

Chain:  42/45 cm.

Code: GLEYM 204